Saturday, November 27, 2010

So much to be thankful for

As I attempt to finally write on my blog I sit beside her crib as she sleeps.  Our lives have changed so much since Ellie has graced us with her presence.  It's all about her...shh....don't tell her that!  I am still sleep deprived and have had moments where I know my brain is just a bit slow.  I would not change it for the world.  Ellie turned 7 weeks on Thanksgiving Day.  I can't believe next week she will be 2 months old.  We truly are enjoying every milestone and embrace our GROWING girl.  Just this week she is really focusing on us during conversation and she now knows when she is that is a precious gift!  It is amazing to watch her focus on us and "coo" back at us as she begins to talk.  I am soaking it all in and I'm so proud to be her mommy!! 

This Thanksgiving is so special with Ellie in it but even more special as my brother, Bryan and his wife Emily shared their news.... they are PREGNANT and due in June.  Ellie is going to have another cousin!  I am so excited to be sharing this experience in life with my special twin brother.  Our children are going to grow up together they will only be 8 months apart.  Now, this is what life on this earth is about.  Glorifying God for the things he gives us and embracing every opportunity you have with family.  I wish my brother lived closer so we could spend more time together.....there will just have to be more trips, so these cousins can grow to love each other. 

I am sure you have been waiting for more are some of my favorites.

 Big Stretches
 She is a cuddlier...her happy spot!!
 My happy spot too!!!!!


I would like to ask for prayers.  Our Pastor and his wife had their baby boy "Levi" 3Lb 13 oz.  He is 7 weeks early.  He is doing well in the NICU but the prayers would be greatly appreciated as he will be staying in the hospital until sometime in December to grow and gets stronger.

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and pray that you get a lot of family time with your loved ones.  Remembering what is most important.
God Bless.....Angela

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Our Precious Gift

I am sorry for the delay once again in blogging about our precious girls arrival.  On 10/7/10 at 633pm God blessed us with a beautiful baby girl Elliana Marie "Ellie".  I am enjoying mothering her heart and have little to no time for anything else.  Definitely not complaining, it is my joy to care for her and I am thankful that God has entrusted us with her.  As I know you all are waiting here are some pictures of our joy.

Just Hours old--7 Lb 9 Oz & 19 inches long !

 4 days old

 This is our happy place

 Already in love with this face!!

 My Pea in a Pod

  Yep so in love with her

Thursday, September 30, 2010

"Elliana Marie" Will be here by next week!!

After some discussion with our OB doctor we decided to be induced on Thursday October 7th if she does not decide to come before then.  That means she will definitely be here by NEXT WEEK!!  We are so excited and can't wait to have her in our arms.

Our special girls name is................Elliana Marie

The story behind her name........We have been looking at baby names and together shared some, but none really jumped out at me.  I then found the name "Elliana" online.  I fell in love with the name because it was different and I had never heard it before.  The meaning of the name was a huge reason why I just had to have it be her name.   

The girl's name "Eliana"  \e-lia-na   pronounced el-ee-AH-nah, is of Hebrew origin, and its meaning is "God has answered".

We feel that all children are a gift from God and that our little girl is God answering our prayers!

After deciding that I loved that name I began to look more into the name and googled it on the internet.  I found a blog of a women who also lost her first born son and choose her daughters name to be Elliana.  She also blogged about a song that a christen writer wrote and sang for her own daughter named Elliana.  Once I found the song and hear it my heart melted!!  From then on Elliana was her name!!  I would like to share the song with you and the words that I fell in love with.

The song is by Watermark and the name is Elliana's Song.  The song is on my playlist, it is the last song on the list #9.  You can also hear the song by clicking here  Elliana's Song by Watermark.

The words to the song.

Baby woman, tiny in stature now
But your heart is a treasure
Little princess come follow behind me now
I am reaching for you

Elliana, God has answered my prayers
Elliana, God will conquer my fears
To mother a daughter, to look you in the eye
To know that I had everything, to walk with you in life
To give you to Jesus that He would impart
The wisdom that I'm longing for to mother your heart
Elliana, God has answered my prayers

There will be others to lead and to guide you girl
But only one you'll call Mother, the honor is all mine
To show you what a woman's like
I'm so glad you're mine
Tenderness of God is twirling around
In our living room tonight
Lighten up your daddy's eyes
And know that he just wants to freeze you in time

See what I mean it is beautiful!!!!

NOTE--->    We had shared her name with many family members and friends but just last week decided to change the spelling!!!!  

*** We are now spelling her name as "Elliana Marie"
for short "Ellie" ***

Here are some pictures of her room.

 I didn't plan on using so much pink but then found this pink and brown bedding set and just really liked the flowers and butterfly's. 

 I bought the letters and cross from hobby lobby.  I painted the letters and painted the inside portion of the cross.

I kept the shower invitations and placed them above the closet.  That is the bassinet we plan to use at  first to keep her close to us in our bedroom. 

This is a stick on blossom tree.  We love it and enjoyed all working together to get it on the wall.  It will be neat to watch her grow up and get as tall as the tree.

We are ready for Elliana to come into this world and grace us with her presence.  We are excited and ready for this new chapter in our lives.  

Please pray for us that there are no complications of labor and that she and I do well with the stresses of labor.  As mentioned before we are trying a VBAC delivery.  There are some risks with this but there are also risks with a cesarean delivery.  We will not know the outcome until we are in the moment.  It all depends on a multitude of things and really not in our control.  
Thank you so much for your prayers!
Ellie's mom~ Angela 

Thursday, September 23, 2010

37 weeks considered at TERM :-)

Today we had another OB apt.  At this point we see the doctor every week.  We were reassured that our little girl is doing well.  My body is progressing and preparing for labor.  I'm excited to say that I am dilated at 3 cm and 30% effaced.  Hopefully, I continue to make progress and able to have a VBAC, Vaginal Birth After Cesarean.  Since my body is progressing my OB doctor said that we would be able to try the VBAC.  Although no guarantees this is my preference.  If she does not come by Oct. 6th we may be induced around this day.  The doctor does not want me to go past my due date.  This little girl will be here before Oct. 13th!!!

Today we also had a CST contraction stress test.  This is when they want to see me have contractions and see how she reacts to the stress of the contractions.  Over the 20 minute observation they want to see 7 contractions and 3 of them within 10 minutes.  My body had around 9 contractions on its own.  If the contractions are not occurring they have was to help cause contractions but that was not needed today.  Our little girl was doing so well she was sleeping through the activity.  The nurse had to use a noise maker to wake her up.  She instantly woke up and kicked me saying "what was that".  It is important for them to see her heart rate fluctuation with activity to see how she reacts to stress.  She passed the test with no problems.  It was nice to have Mark there this time, previously I have been doing the tests prior to going into work.  He enjoyed hearing her heart rate and seeing that our little daughter is doing well.

Pregnancy is beautiful!
Mark took some pictures of us last weeks.  I would like to share them with you.  I treasure the ones of the 3 of us together.  He was the photographer, so we only have a few together.  Nice job honey!

I will keep you posted!  
This little girl will be coming into this world soon!  I can't wait to have her in our arms and be her mother.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Our baby girl is RIGHT on track!

Last week we had an OB apt.  We had an ultrasound that showed our little girl to be right on track.  It is so reassuring to know how well she is doing.  At times I find my self wishing or asking why this couldn't have been the case with Benjamin.  I miss him and which she could meet her older brother.  My abdomen is measuring exactly with the week that we are pregnant as it should.  God has blessed us with many reassurances with this pregnancy.  She is moving all of the time letting me know she is in there doing alright.  The ultrasound showed her to be at 6# 1oz.  I was so happy to hear that my gestational diabetes has not caused her to be big.  I have worked hard at controlling my diet.  I have changed the way I eat.  It all has been for the better.  Better for me but ultimately better for our little girls development and health. She is so worth every minute of it.  I have been overall comfortable up until the last few days.  I am having more pressure in the pelvis and some sharper contractions.  I am excited about this b/c it means my body is getting ready for labor.  At our apt. I showed a little progression of being dilated at 2cm.  I hope when we go back I show more progress.  It is important that my body makes progress on its own to be able to try a "VBAC" vaginal birth.  This week will mark 37 weeks!  At this time they consider me at term.  She should not have any problems if she were to come into the now.  I pray for that day, for everything to go smoothly.  I can't believe it is just around the corner.  Soon we will have this gift in our arms and our lives will again be forever changed.  I'm so looking forward to it and can't wait to be her mommy.  For now we wait not knowing which day that will be but when it is here it will be totally amazing!  Please continue to pray for us.

Little BOWEN..........
I would also like to ask for you to pray for a family that I do not know but have been following their story for months. Matt and Sara had their little boy a few days ago and he has a heart defect which has caused him to have open heart surgery.  You can read their story at 
All I will say is they have been through so much and their journey will be long.  It brings back so many feelings, which we had with our precious Benjamin.  My heart goes out to this family and their precious Bowen.  Praise the Lord for their continued faith, strength, and for opening up their hearts during such a difficult time.  Please remember them in your prayers.  

Friday, September 10, 2010

Only about 4 Weeks to go!!

I do not know where to begin.  Except to apologize for not blogging sooner.  I will start by saying we are doing well.  Everything is looking great.  Our next OB apt. is on Monday 9/13.  At this time we will have an ultrasound that should tell us about how big she is (hope not too big).  I will also be checked to see if my body is making changes, preparing for labor.  I will say I have been having contractions.  Some of these are strong but I am sure they will be getting much STRONGER !!  I am still enjoying every moment of this time.  Often I hear other pregnant women say they are tired of being pregnant and wish it would be over.  That is not the case for me.  Honestly, I am treasuring the hurtful kicks she is giving me.  I am reminded VERY often that she is there and doing well.  God has blessed me with an active one.  It is reassuring to feel her move all of the time.  She also has the hiccups all of the time.  Yesterday she had them 4 TIMES!!  It is such a wired feeling.  With Benjmain I did not feel him move much, only felt hiccups once or twice, and did not have the contractions that I have with her.  I had so much amniotic fluid that I believe it prevented me from feeling the normal occurrences of pregnancy.

Twice weekly Non-Stress-Tests (NST):
 For a while now I have been having NSTs twice a week.  I guess with my gestational diabetes and with what occurred last time they want to keep a closer eye on our precious girl.  NSTs is when they place small monitors strapped on my belly.  This monitors her (babies) heart rate and my contractions.  They want to see her heart rate increase with activity and contractions but then go back to base line.  They monitor to make sure she is handling everything well and that her heart rate is not going down too low which would mean she is not tolerating things well.  I have already had 6 of these!!  You may say how inconvenient.  Not for me!!  I am blessed b/c the perinatologist office where I do these tests is literally one floor up from where I work.  I am blessed.  I usually go in on the mornings I already work and do them before starting the work day.  It only takes 20 minutes as long as she is I said she has no problem with that!!  It is so reassuring to sit till for 20 minutes and just focus on hearing her little heart beat.  I actually treasure each session!!  We will continue these twice a week until we go in labor then they will monitor everything as she arrives into this world.
Here is a picture of me getting the NST...  It is just like the monitors they use when you are in labor.  My belly is really not as big as it looks......or it does not feel that way.  LOL  :-)

Our Baby Shower
I had my first baby shower and it was amazing.  It was so much fun but also a bit overwhelming.  I just combined friends and family and so it was a bit large.  It was nice to have it at our home this way everyone could see her baby room.  It took me over an hour to unwrap all of the gifts.  We are going to have to add on to the house for all of her stuff.  We were definitely showered with blessings and I treasured every person that attended.  I appreciate each of them for sharing in our JOY!!  To see pictures of the shower go to my sister-in-law's---sister's blog.  She did so well at capturing the moments that I do not have to re-do it here.  Her blog is at Shaylynn's Blog.  I also want to share the items that Shaylynn made for me.  She also blogged this at: Shaylynns Homemead baby stuff.  I can't believe all of the things she made for our little girl.  I LOVE THEM!!  She is so talented!!  You can order from her and give to your friends/family baby showers.  Trust me your gift will be well received and everyone will ooooo over them.

Shower Invitations
One more thing to share....sorry should have posted more often..I have to catch up!!

I wanted my shower invitations to be different and special.  So I decided to look into home made shower invitations.  I googled it and found several cute ones.  The one we ended up making was a onesie.  They turned out even better than the picture I found on the internet.  They took some time to make and a bit more costly but so worth it.  Thanks to my sister-in-laws for working with me to get them done.  Here is the site where I got the idea thank you Becky Jensen for the idea and great instructions.  Her blog is at: tutorial-for-the-baby-onesie
Here are some pictures of the invitations.  Guests brought them to the shower and they were used for decoration.  I now have them all draped above her closet on the wall.

My sister-in-law Michelle even made the envelopes!!

Great shower decoration!!

I promise to work on being a better blogger and give you more updates frequently, especially since the time is near!!  I will let you know how our OB apt goes on Monday and any progression to this blessing-Angel coming into the world.  Please pray for us that she enters this world with out any problems and for my labor to occur allowing me to have her naturally not requiring me to have another c-section.  We are going to try hard to have VBACK which stands for vaginal birth after cesarean.  I can't wait to have her in my arms.  I am praying for this day!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

A glimpse of our little girl

Last week I got the opportunity or shall I say our little girl was able to help ultrasound technicians explore how to use a 3D ultrasound machine.  Last time with Benjamin we paid and had a 3D ultrasound done.  This time due to having extra ultrasounds we didn't feel the need to do it again.  But when asked to do so of course I wanted to, any time I can get a glimpse of her is a treasure.  I was glad to hear her head was down and that she was not in the breach position as she was during our last ultrasound.  I pray she stays there!  The technicians were only able to get one picture.  Her head was so far down in my pelvis they were unable to get clear pictures.  But the one picture they did get is AWESOME!!  I just had to share it.  You can see her nose, eyes, chin and sweet little lips.  It is an amazing site.

    Her right arm is going under her chin.  Both hands are on the left side of her face.  
So PRECIOUS I can't wait till the day we get to hold her in our arms!!

I am getting very excited.  Each day that passes I believe this is really going to happen.  I have always had faith but it is becoming more real to me.  

I am glad I can share this with you.  
With love, Angela

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Angie Smith's Book, Giving back

I have not shared how I got started blogging.  So here is a little story.  I heard a blurb about a women who had lost a child on KLove, a christian radio station and was interested in it since she too loss a baby.  At that time I just heard something on the radio and did not know much more.  A friend at church had told me some about hearing about a women who loss a child but it did not click that it was the same person.  I just dismissed it and went on.  Then just a couple months after we loss Benjamin a link was posted on KLove's facebook page, which came up on my wall.  I had only been on facebook for a month.  Again, I was drawn to it since there was a small picture of Angie and her husband with a very small baby.  I clicked on that link and realized this was a women who had lost a baby girl just a year before us on April 7th 2008.  I quickly became drawn into her blog which was full of how she went through her pain as we were too.  I went back to the beginning of her blog and read it ALL!  It took a while to go through it all but it honestly helped me deal with my feelings.  It showed me that I was not alone, that there are other mothers out there who are feeling and going through the same thing as me.  I needed that so much right then.  And you know what God knew that!  I believe with my whole heart he introduced me to her at the right time.  It's funny I think back on now and realize that God was trying to help me but I was too busy to notice it.  It took 3 times before I final got it.  I heard it briefly on the radio, a friend tried to tell me about it and then on facebook.  Sorry I took so long to listen, God!  Angie Smith's blog helped me so I decided to also blog our story.  Benjamin's story is the only post in 2009.  I haven't posted much since then until recently.  Now I hope my postings can help others as I know Angie's blog has.  If I can touch one soul or one heart then Benjamin has helped others as Angie Smith's daughter Caroline has helped so many.  This is why I blog.  It allows for me to express my deep feelings and I can only pray it reaches others out there.  I believe it has.  I have connected with other moms like me and my followers are complete strangers.  That's God working there. 

Since Angie's blog she went further and wrote a book, which includes a lot from her blog.  I wish I could give it to every mother with a child loss.  Then I thought I can make a small difference.  I pre-ordered 12 of her books.  One for me, one for our church library, and 10 more in hopes to give them to mothers with a loss.  I have had the books for a long time and finally this week I met up with a social worker at the hospital where I work, the hospital where Benjamin was born.  The Social worker works with the infant loss program at the hospital.  I gave these books to her and asked that she give them to mothers who tragically go through the same loss as us.  I can't tell you how wonderful it felt.  This is a way for me to give back, honor our son and share Angie's story.  I pray that it will touch the lives of others as it has touched mine.  If it reaches one soul then it is all worth it!  I plan to continue to replenish these books as they are given out to mothers.  I want these mothers to know they are not alone! 

Again I can not tell you how good it feels to give back.  It is easy to just give money to an organization but when you give your TIME and heart it means so much more.  I remember helping a local church stuff backpacks with school supplies for local children in the area.  The parents of these children do not have the means to get the supplies they need for school.  I enjoyed it so much.  In just a couple hours we quickly ran out of supplies and the project was done.  We stuffed hundreds of backpacks.  It was sad when it was over it just had not taken that long to do as we all worked together.  I sometime wonder if the giver receives more than the receiver of the gift.  I know we are helping these kids but I think I got just as much out of it as they did.  It is amazing to give back to others.  If you have not done something like this I strongly encourage you to find something to become a part of.  Giving money is good too but when you become a part of something and give something more precious than your money, "Your Time" it means so much more.  I believe this is one of my spiritual gifts and I need to use it more often!!  Our time is so precious and I know I need to work on giving it more to others.

"Give generously to him and do so without a grudging heart; then because of this the Lord your God will bless you in all your work and in everything you put your hand to." Deuteron 15:10

Not offten will I have 2 postings in one week but I just wanted to share this, my thoughts. 
What type of giving have you done that you have enjoyed.  I would enjoy reading your comments.  This may also help others find ways to give back with in their communities.

Have a blessed day, Angela

Oh yeah if you want to purchase this book for yourself or others here is a link to it.  I recommend going through Angie's Blog to order online.  If you click on the link from her blog to order she then is given some of these proceeds or credit back and she is always giving books to people.  This way you too will be helping that great cause.  You can visit her blog by clicking here Angie Smith's Blog "Bring the Rain"    You will see the link to her book on the left side bar.

Below are also direct links to order her book these links have already gone through her blog so if you click on them you will still be helping her give back to others. 

Amazon--Amazon link
Barnes and Noble--Barnes and Noble link

I hope you enjoy her book and blog as much as I have and if you are giving to others then bless you!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

28 weeks and she is doing fine

As you know, if you know our story or have read my blog.  We had a perfect pregnancy last year with our son Benjamin but we found out at 28 weeks it was not so perfect.  28 weeks was the time when we found that our Benjamin had hydrops, which means he had fluid in his chest and abdomen.  Anyway, because of this we have been watching our growing little girl closely.  Everything has shown to be OK and once again the ultrasound shows that she is right on track.  It was such a blessing to hear this information form the Dr. who delivered our precious Benjamin.  It was nice to see him again in a different setting.  It also brings tears to my eyes as I so wish things could have been different for our baby boy.  It's hard to explain.  I don't want to miss out on the joy that we are having with our baby girl but Benjamin is never far from our minds.  I am at the point where I am experiencing things that I did not get to do with Benjamin.  Simple things I wish I could have had with him. 

Here are some pictures of our joy!
Click on photos to make them larger.
The white arrow is pointing at her lips/nose.

Precious feet!

YES, the arrow is pointing to her head.  She has HAIR!!
This is kinda freaky looking but amazing! She is looking right at us.  The arrow is pointing at her left eye.  You can also see her hand below her chin.  She always has her hands close to her face.

We are so excited.  She weights about 3 pounds now and her heart rate is 153.  This little girl is going to come into this world and stay with us.  I believe that with my whole heart.  I just can't believe it is going to happen in 2 1/2 months!!  Based on the last 2 ultrasounds she is due to be welcomed into this world around Oct. 3rd.  So it may be the first week of October rather than the 2nd week.  No matter what she will be here before Oct.13th.  My OB doctor feels it is safer for her to enter the world than to remain in my belly any longer than that (meaning not past my due date).

Once again thank you for your prayers and comments.  They mean so much!!

 Soon to be mommy again........Angela

Saturday, June 26, 2010

He is always there

As we go through life we get busy and don’t always feel that God is still there with us.  If we stop and slow down we may see that he is right there.  I would like to share some times that I know God was right there by my side carrying me through the pains of this life.
During one of the most difficult times in my life or shall I say the most difficult time of my life so far was the funeral of my son, Benjamin.  I was overwhelmed with sadness.  I remember that day as if it was yesterday.  Walking to his grave site in disbelief that this was really happening, as I held my belly from the incision where he was cut out of me.  Did I just give birth to my baby boy and is he really gone?  Will I really not be able to hold him again or help him grow up into a handsome man?  I remember my brother, Bryan, Mark’s brother, Mike and Jim our brother-in-law, carrying Benjamin to us.  My first thoughts were wow what a small coffin.  Don’t know why I expected it to be bigger I guess because I have never been to an infant funeral.  I just could not believe how small it was.  As tears rolled down my face it began to rain as Bryan, Mike, and Jim carried our son to us God was crying too.  It was amazing it started to poor down rain.  I remember being worried that I would not be able to hear our preacher Victor as it was raining so hard.  Just as I thought that the rain stopped.  It never rained again like that, that day.  I believe with my whole hart that God too was feeling our sorrow.  He was right there with us, HOLDING us during our deep sorrow.

The first time you see your new born child, it is suppose to be full of joy and happiness.  When Mark and I finally got to see our son, Benjamin it was not like that.  We saw our little boy lifeless as tubes were keeping him alive.  His arm was limp, unable to feel our touch or grasp our hand.  I have never felt such pain and disappointment before.  I was completely distraught.  The extent of Benjamin’s illness was staring us right in the face and we could not believe it.  I left his side feeling so alone and so distraught I became angry, asking why, how could this be happening, this is so unfair.  Looking back on that moment in time I was not alone God was there.  I just did not realize it at that time.  In the picture below you can see the cross within the lighting above all, in the room.  God was there holding us the entire time.

If you can not see the cross then stand further back from the computer.  It is there!

In my kitchen I have some Jim Shore figurines.  Two new ones I have are Have Faith and Forever in His Embrace. I placed some cards by them that we just received since we just reached the anniversary of our son’s birthday, I cannot believe it has been a year!  One day as I was doing day to day things I saw the sun shining down hard on a special card that we had gotten and the figurine "Forever in His Embrace".  It was as if God was saying, “Yes I have him and he is in my embrace”.  I quickly took at picture of it.  I looked at the picture and thought I can get a better picture than that.  I turned back to take another picture and it was gone.  Here is the picture I took.  The writing on the angel says, “The Lord has called you home and it is within the embrace of his loving arms that you shall reside forever”.  We know where Benjamin is and Thank You Lord for reminding me of that!

 The card says "For a brief while, a wonderful miracle was yours......

On Mother’s Day I wanted to go to Benjamin's grave.  I know I do not have to go there to be close to him as he is always there in my heart.  But that day when I felt that my son should be in my arms holding me tight and giving me mother’s day kisses I just had to go.  As Mark and I approved the drive to the cemetery the song “Held” came on the radio station K-Love, the station that I now listen to all of the time.  We had this station playing during our entire labor process.  I had this song on my iPod before having Benjamin.  I remember singing it to him and the words meant different to me.  I thought it was about Mary and her Son, sacred one being taken away from her.  That is not what it is about at all.  It is about the cry of a mother and father losing their child.  It’s about when everything fell they would be held.  When all fell we were still being held and God is still holding us.  Any way as we drove to the cemetery that day this song began to play.  I turned it up and sang along.  As we parked the song ended and Kelly on K-Love said, that was played for all of you mother’s out there who have lost a child and that this day is hard but that God is holding you.  I felt comfort then.  At that moment I was amazed.  What is the likely hood that, that song would play like that as we approach our son’s grave.  I thank you God for continuing to talk to me and let me know you are there.  Here are the words to that song and you click on this site to hear it for yourself.

by Natalie Grant

Two months is too little.
They let him go.
They had no sudden healing.
To think that providence would
Take a child from his mother while she prays
Is appalling.

Who told us we'd be rescued?
What has changed and why should we be saved from nightmares?
We're asking why this happens
To us who have died to live?
It's unfair.

This is what it means to be held.
How it feels when the sacred is torn from your life
And you survive.
This is what it is to be loved.
And to know that the promise was
When everything fell we'd be held.

This hand is bitterness.
We want to taste it, let the hatred know our sorrow.
The wise hands opens slowly to lilies of the valley
and tomorrow.


If hope is born of suffering.
If this is only the beginning.
Can we not wait for one hour watching for our Savior?

Some people may choose to say all of these things are just a coincidence.  I have a hard time believing that.  There are more ways I know God has shown/reminded me that he is there.  But, there are many, many, more that I never saw.  Slow down and allow God to talk to you.  This is really hard for me but I am trying hard to "Make time for the quiet moments as God whispers and the world is loud"

Please share some of the times that he has shown you that he is there.  Your comments are appreciated and I pray they will inspire others.  Slow down and allow him to show you his presence.
God Bless you!