Saturday, July 24, 2010

Angie Smith's Book, Giving back

I have not shared how I got started blogging.  So here is a little story.  I heard a blurb about a women who had lost a child on KLove, a christian radio station and was interested in it since she too loss a baby.  At that time I just heard something on the radio and did not know much more.  A friend at church had told me some about hearing about a women who loss a child but it did not click that it was the same person.  I just dismissed it and went on.  Then just a couple months after we loss Benjamin a link was posted on KLove's facebook page, which came up on my wall.  I had only been on facebook for a month.  Again, I was drawn to it since there was a small picture of Angie and her husband with a very small baby.  I clicked on that link and realized this was a women who had lost a baby girl just a year before us on April 7th 2008.  I quickly became drawn into her blog which was full of how she went through her pain as we were too.  I went back to the beginning of her blog and read it ALL!  It took a while to go through it all but it honestly helped me deal with my feelings.  It showed me that I was not alone, that there are other mothers out there who are feeling and going through the same thing as me.  I needed that so much right then.  And you know what God knew that!  I believe with my whole heart he introduced me to her at the right time.  It's funny I think back on now and realize that God was trying to help me but I was too busy to notice it.  It took 3 times before I final got it.  I heard it briefly on the radio, a friend tried to tell me about it and then on facebook.  Sorry I took so long to listen, God!  Angie Smith's blog helped me so I decided to also blog our story.  Benjamin's story is the only post in 2009.  I haven't posted much since then until recently.  Now I hope my postings can help others as I know Angie's blog has.  If I can touch one soul or one heart then Benjamin has helped others as Angie Smith's daughter Caroline has helped so many.  This is why I blog.  It allows for me to express my deep feelings and I can only pray it reaches others out there.  I believe it has.  I have connected with other moms like me and my followers are complete strangers.  That's God working there. 

Since Angie's blog she went further and wrote a book, which includes a lot from her blog.  I wish I could give it to every mother with a child loss.  Then I thought I can make a small difference.  I pre-ordered 12 of her books.  One for me, one for our church library, and 10 more in hopes to give them to mothers with a loss.  I have had the books for a long time and finally this week I met up with a social worker at the hospital where I work, the hospital where Benjamin was born.  The Social worker works with the infant loss program at the hospital.  I gave these books to her and asked that she give them to mothers who tragically go through the same loss as us.  I can't tell you how wonderful it felt.  This is a way for me to give back, honor our son and share Angie's story.  I pray that it will touch the lives of others as it has touched mine.  If it reaches one soul then it is all worth it!  I plan to continue to replenish these books as they are given out to mothers.  I want these mothers to know they are not alone! 

Again I can not tell you how good it feels to give back.  It is easy to just give money to an organization but when you give your TIME and heart it means so much more.  I remember helping a local church stuff backpacks with school supplies for local children in the area.  The parents of these children do not have the means to get the supplies they need for school.  I enjoyed it so much.  In just a couple hours we quickly ran out of supplies and the project was done.  We stuffed hundreds of backpacks.  It was sad when it was over it just had not taken that long to do as we all worked together.  I sometime wonder if the giver receives more than the receiver of the gift.  I know we are helping these kids but I think I got just as much out of it as they did.  It is amazing to give back to others.  If you have not done something like this I strongly encourage you to find something to become a part of.  Giving money is good too but when you become a part of something and give something more precious than your money, "Your Time" it means so much more.  I believe this is one of my spiritual gifts and I need to use it more often!!  Our time is so precious and I know I need to work on giving it more to others.

"Give generously to him and do so without a grudging heart; then because of this the Lord your God will bless you in all your work and in everything you put your hand to." Deuteron 15:10

Not offten will I have 2 postings in one week but I just wanted to share this, my thoughts. 
What type of giving have you done that you have enjoyed.  I would enjoy reading your comments.  This may also help others find ways to give back with in their communities.

Have a blessed day, Angela

Oh yeah if you want to purchase this book for yourself or others here is a link to it.  I recommend going through Angie's Blog to order online.  If you click on the link from her blog to order she then is given some of these proceeds or credit back and she is always giving books to people.  This way you too will be helping that great cause.  You can visit her blog by clicking here Angie Smith's Blog "Bring the Rain"    You will see the link to her book on the left side bar.

Below are also direct links to order her book these links have already gone through her blog so if you click on them you will still be helping her give back to others. 

Amazon--Amazon link
Barnes and Noble--Barnes and Noble link

I hope you enjoy her book and blog as much as I have and if you are giving to others then bless you!

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  1. I, myself have never lost a child, yet I still loved the book! I would recommend it to every mother and mother-to-be out there not just mommy's who have lost their babies. It's such an unlifting book and it renforces one's relationship with Christ.

    God bless.