Sunday, August 1, 2010

A glimpse of our little girl

Last week I got the opportunity or shall I say our little girl was able to help ultrasound technicians explore how to use a 3D ultrasound machine.  Last time with Benjamin we paid and had a 3D ultrasound done.  This time due to having extra ultrasounds we didn't feel the need to do it again.  But when asked to do so of course I wanted to, any time I can get a glimpse of her is a treasure.  I was glad to hear her head was down and that she was not in the breach position as she was during our last ultrasound.  I pray she stays there!  The technicians were only able to get one picture.  Her head was so far down in my pelvis they were unable to get clear pictures.  But the one picture they did get is AWESOME!!  I just had to share it.  You can see her nose, eyes, chin and sweet little lips.  It is an amazing site.

    Her right arm is going under her chin.  Both hands are on the left side of her face.  
So PRECIOUS I can't wait till the day we get to hold her in our arms!!

I am getting very excited.  Each day that passes I believe this is really going to happen.  I have always had faith but it is becoming more real to me.  

I am glad I can share this with you.  
With love, Angela