Thursday, September 23, 2010

37 weeks considered at TERM :-)

Today we had another OB apt.  At this point we see the doctor every week.  We were reassured that our little girl is doing well.  My body is progressing and preparing for labor.  I'm excited to say that I am dilated at 3 cm and 30% effaced.  Hopefully, I continue to make progress and able to have a VBAC, Vaginal Birth After Cesarean.  Since my body is progressing my OB doctor said that we would be able to try the VBAC.  Although no guarantees this is my preference.  If she does not come by Oct. 6th we may be induced around this day.  The doctor does not want me to go past my due date.  This little girl will be here before Oct. 13th!!!

Today we also had a CST contraction stress test.  This is when they want to see me have contractions and see how she reacts to the stress of the contractions.  Over the 20 minute observation they want to see 7 contractions and 3 of them within 10 minutes.  My body had around 9 contractions on its own.  If the contractions are not occurring they have was to help cause contractions but that was not needed today.  Our little girl was doing so well she was sleeping through the activity.  The nurse had to use a noise maker to wake her up.  She instantly woke up and kicked me saying "what was that".  It is important for them to see her heart rate fluctuation with activity to see how she reacts to stress.  She passed the test with no problems.  It was nice to have Mark there this time, previously I have been doing the tests prior to going into work.  He enjoyed hearing her heart rate and seeing that our little daughter is doing well.

Pregnancy is beautiful!
Mark took some pictures of us last weeks.  I would like to share them with you.  I treasure the ones of the 3 of us together.  He was the photographer, so we only have a few together.  Nice job honey!

I will keep you posted!  
This little girl will be coming into this world soon!  I can't wait to have her in our arms and be her mother.


  1. You look absolutely beautiful! You're gonna be a fantastic mommy!!!!!! God has blessed you both and it shows in your lives daily.

  2. My little sister looks great. I am so happy for you and Mark.