Friday, September 10, 2010

Only about 4 Weeks to go!!

I do not know where to begin.  Except to apologize for not blogging sooner.  I will start by saying we are doing well.  Everything is looking great.  Our next OB apt. is on Monday 9/13.  At this time we will have an ultrasound that should tell us about how big she is (hope not too big).  I will also be checked to see if my body is making changes, preparing for labor.  I will say I have been having contractions.  Some of these are strong but I am sure they will be getting much STRONGER !!  I am still enjoying every moment of this time.  Often I hear other pregnant women say they are tired of being pregnant and wish it would be over.  That is not the case for me.  Honestly, I am treasuring the hurtful kicks she is giving me.  I am reminded VERY often that she is there and doing well.  God has blessed me with an active one.  It is reassuring to feel her move all of the time.  She also has the hiccups all of the time.  Yesterday she had them 4 TIMES!!  It is such a wired feeling.  With Benjmain I did not feel him move much, only felt hiccups once or twice, and did not have the contractions that I have with her.  I had so much amniotic fluid that I believe it prevented me from feeling the normal occurrences of pregnancy.

Twice weekly Non-Stress-Tests (NST):
 For a while now I have been having NSTs twice a week.  I guess with my gestational diabetes and with what occurred last time they want to keep a closer eye on our precious girl.  NSTs is when they place small monitors strapped on my belly.  This monitors her (babies) heart rate and my contractions.  They want to see her heart rate increase with activity and contractions but then go back to base line.  They monitor to make sure she is handling everything well and that her heart rate is not going down too low which would mean she is not tolerating things well.  I have already had 6 of these!!  You may say how inconvenient.  Not for me!!  I am blessed b/c the perinatologist office where I do these tests is literally one floor up from where I work.  I am blessed.  I usually go in on the mornings I already work and do them before starting the work day.  It only takes 20 minutes as long as she is I said she has no problem with that!!  It is so reassuring to sit till for 20 minutes and just focus on hearing her little heart beat.  I actually treasure each session!!  We will continue these twice a week until we go in labor then they will monitor everything as she arrives into this world.
Here is a picture of me getting the NST...  It is just like the monitors they use when you are in labor.  My belly is really not as big as it looks......or it does not feel that way.  LOL  :-)

Our Baby Shower
I had my first baby shower and it was amazing.  It was so much fun but also a bit overwhelming.  I just combined friends and family and so it was a bit large.  It was nice to have it at our home this way everyone could see her baby room.  It took me over an hour to unwrap all of the gifts.  We are going to have to add on to the house for all of her stuff.  We were definitely showered with blessings and I treasured every person that attended.  I appreciate each of them for sharing in our JOY!!  To see pictures of the shower go to my sister-in-law's---sister's blog.  She did so well at capturing the moments that I do not have to re-do it here.  Her blog is at Shaylynn's Blog.  I also want to share the items that Shaylynn made for me.  She also blogged this at: Shaylynns Homemead baby stuff.  I can't believe all of the things she made for our little girl.  I LOVE THEM!!  She is so talented!!  You can order from her and give to your friends/family baby showers.  Trust me your gift will be well received and everyone will ooooo over them.

Shower Invitations
One more thing to share....sorry should have posted more often..I have to catch up!!

I wanted my shower invitations to be different and special.  So I decided to look into home made shower invitations.  I googled it and found several cute ones.  The one we ended up making was a onesie.  They turned out even better than the picture I found on the internet.  They took some time to make and a bit more costly but so worth it.  Thanks to my sister-in-laws for working with me to get them done.  Here is the site where I got the idea thank you Becky Jensen for the idea and great instructions.  Her blog is at: tutorial-for-the-baby-onesie
Here are some pictures of the invitations.  Guests brought them to the shower and they were used for decoration.  I now have them all draped above her closet on the wall.

My sister-in-law Michelle even made the envelopes!!

Great shower decoration!!

I promise to work on being a better blogger and give you more updates frequently, especially since the time is near!!  I will let you know how our OB apt goes on Monday and any progression to this blessing-Angel coming into the world.  Please pray for us that she enters this world with out any problems and for my labor to occur allowing me to have her naturally not requiring me to have another c-section.  We are going to try hard to have VBACK which stands for vaginal birth after cesarean.  I can't wait to have her in my arms.  I am praying for this day!


  1. I can't wait for you both to be able to hold this precious blessing in your arms. Hang in there....she's almost here. :o)